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My mission is to fill the horse industry with more harmonious partnerships between horse and rider. Developing sound, balanced, athletic horses for competition and pleasure,  


To have owners who find joy in being with their horses and have the knowledge and skills to create a pathway to an easy, enjoyable equestrian experience.  


I offer regular lesson and clinics near my base on the beautiful Devon/Cornwall boarder or one to five day clinics throughout the UK and Europe.  


My teaching and training aims to develop the skills of the horse and rider to create clarity and simplicity. Using the best understanding, knowledge and techniques from horsemanship, classical training, sports performance together with an awareness and application of anatomy, biomechanical function and equine bodywork; I offer a unique blend of equestrian education to deliver first class teaching and training.


Always focusing on the horses understanding and wellness, long-term soundness and ride-ability.


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Rebecca x



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