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Rebecca Harris



I have slowly come to understand how important love is. People are made to be loved. In an atmosphere of love, positive change will always occur. Change may take time, more time then we would like to think and it may take more love then we ever expect, but if we set no time limit for change and accept that the dose of love needed might be greater than we could possibly appreciate, then we will

continue to add the love we can give each time we are together with the other individual and change will eventually occur. To change something with love, the words “I love you.” are not enough. Love has to be given with consistency, with boundaries, with honour, in words, in actions and in deeds. Love is given in valuing needs, in gifts, in sacrifices. It is given in forgetting agendas and being present

to the requirements of the moment. Love is a deep and complex topic and there are a million possible explanations and yet not one would do love justice. I have discovered that God is love and love is God and I believe in a love that has no end. The most important understanding is that we are loved simply because we are. Not for who we are, for what we can do or could do, not for what we have done or will do. We are loved because we are. When we fully understand this idea we cease to strive and we can be motivated by love, not fear. It allows our actions to be shaped from a place of internal peace and unshakable value. In this place we are ready to offer ourselves to others without needing to validate our worth through the relationship or success they offer us. Here is a platform for a relationship where we do not need the other but if we want to connect to them, we can connect from our heart and with our soul. We can come to a place that allows open, intimate communication in our relationships. These relationships can be developed with the people in our lives and also with the horses and animals who share our lives.












Communicating through feel with horses is about finding balance with and within them. Once we understand and value our own thoughts and feelings we can enter into a relationship where we are able to value their thoughts and feelings. The horses have a great capacity to feel, show and share emotions. The horse’s fundamental requirement as a prey animal is a need to feel safe. To feel safe

he needs to be in balance. When a horse looses physical balance he will loose emotional balance. If a horse is out of balance then his ability to flee or fight could be compromised and this will hinder his survival. From the moment a horse is born he is looking to find balance to learn to stand, to walk, to run, to harmonise with his mother, to find his place in the herd and to be comfortable. When we interact with horses we often create imbalances in the horse’s life style or, when handling or riding we physically un-balance the horse. The difference between a poor horseman and an exceptional horseman is their ability to feel, create and restore balance within their interactions with a horse. A quote I love from a very wise horseman goes: ‘Feel of, feel for, feel together.’ This took me a long time to appreciate but my interpretation now is that, it is about the quest for balance; waiting for the moment of harmony and creating a shared balance in which we can move with our horses as one. We need to find the moment to shape an idea and allow the outcome to happen. Allowing, rather then making, gives the horse time to fully participate mentally, emotionally and physically. When communicating through feel I first offer the horse a promise: “I promise to keep you safe.” In return I ask the horse to look after me. If my horse looks after me then I will be able to look after him. This safety aspect is about true care, care of the horse’s heart, appreciation of his fears and teaching him to trust in my judgment. When I am with a horse, each of us gets to experience being more than we could be alone. I believe the horses find great satisfaction in being more together and enjoy the mental, emotional and physical challenge and rewards that come from interacting with people. In my experience most horses really will invest into a relationship with us and enjoy what we can accomplish together.


My wish is to support you in meeting the needs of yourself and your horse to enjoy your relationship together and expand into more understanding of training with love, biomechanically focused work and a deep trust and connection.


I love to meet the horse and rider where they are at, and feel for their needs and give encouragement and confidence to flow in their interactions together. Feeling the energy of the horse avalible to the rider to direct and enjoy together.


I am able to teach English, Western, Dressage, Jumping, TREC, Confidence Building, Riding Out, Problem Solving,


Ground Work, In-Hand, Long Reins, Liberty, Riding, Bareback or Bridleless.


All situtations can be adapted to. Ask anything you wish, if I don't know the answer I will do my best to guide you to find someone who can.


Love with an open Heart and an open Hand