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Balance Horsemanship - Learning with Love Programme


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Free E-book - Understanding Equine Communication -


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Understanding Equine Communication Download Free E-Book on Equine Communication Join the Learning with Love group NOW
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Module One - Creating a Conversation and Bodywork
Module Two - Soft and Responsive
Module Three - Forward and Flowing
Module Four - Connected and Collected

Online learning is avalible in the form of a Facebook group with a monthly fee to access.


Module One creating a conversation with your horse and bodywork workbook are all prepared in the Group and Module two to four are currently being created in a flow of videos with my own horses.


The group will contain me sharing exercises, insight and information and teaching with my horses at home, lots to educate and inspire. Trust, connection, heart relationships, riding in balance, posture, confidence and so much more.


Create the relationship of your dreams in a practical way and grow into the person who has the understanding, patients and skills to excel in your partnership with your horse.