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Rebecca what can I say about you and your horsemanship? Well just about everything I love is what you do. You are my inspiration and I have loved everything we have done together over the past years and I only wish you were here in France now that I’ve moved away from you. You know so much and you care so much. Your intuition with the horses is remarkable and I love watching you interact with them. You are part of them.


Rosemary Copley - Devon


I attended Rebecca’s course in Latvia. Her approach to horses is that of love and companionship, always valuing connection with the horse above all the rest. She is patient and encouraging with her students and knows what each human-horse pair needs to establish a better connection and deeper relationship. I would be happy to go to her course again.


Agrita Zunna - Latvia


I first met Rebecca in 2012 and have been sticking to her ever since. She teaches with a lot of love and skill. Rebecca have been an excellent guide to me with my very sensitive boy and in helping me to be the lead he need me to be. She is also a lovely person and I’m so happy that I have her as a teacher and a friend


Sandra Bergstrom - Sweden


Rebecca came into the lives of my pony and myself at a time when I was at a complete loss as to know how I could progress with her. Rebecca has completely changed her through her insight into her problems and her personality. I cannot praise her highly enough, I owe her so much. My pony loves her and that says it all.


Linda Wood - Devon


Rebecca has the most real, true, natural connection with horses, other animals as well as with other people. A dedicated professional with a talent and gift that is very hard to find. I have not met anyone as gifted as Rebecca in all my time of building relationships with horses, which is over 30 years. A very well thought of person not only personally, but most certainly professionally. Highly recommended!!


Mike Pell - London


My understanding for my horses and myself has improved a lot since the first lesson with Rebecca. To have a heart filled with love when I am with my horses and let my horses show me the way.


Mia Alstrom - Sweden


"Rebecca is absolutely awesome with my horse and with me, I have never met any instructor who sees both of us as equally important, and that is so personally engaged in our joint progress. When I first met Rebecca I had lost my confidence in riding (and my pony had lost confidence in me). Her teaching – at the same time soft and exact - brought instant progress and this is still the case. The pony just loves her and the work she achieves is absolutely stunning.


Ingrid & Quickstep, pupils since 2,5 years


Ingrid Holmberg - Sweden


Rebecca has worked with several of my horses, of different ages. Her training methods & understanding of equines whether it be on the ground or in the saddle is amazing. My horses have always responded well to her. Rebecca is also a wonderful person with her human clients too, she listens, never rushes or pushes and is a knowledgeable, calming & positive influence who will assist and teach you how to deal with any issues or to increase & improve your skills. I highly recommend her.


Karen J Harrison-Gemski - Devon


There is no one quite like Rebecca . Her sensitivity and knowledge great such a harmonious bond in very horse she works with.


Julie Brand - Devon


Rebecca has give me an incredible insight into my relationship with my horse Briar, which put simply other horsemanship professionals and horsemanship programmes had failed to notice. She has shown me how to change the picture of what had become a shut down, tense nervous spooky horse, who new how to be obedient but little else. Within ten minutes of meeting us she had given me a greater understanding. Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to our lessons her perceptive observations of both horse and human are exceptional she is a calm attentive teacher who has help me grow connect and truly love my horse both on the ground and in the saddle and form a happy relationship.

A friend recommended Rebecca to me two years ago and I’m so happy to be learning with this talented horsewomen.


Charlotte Wright - Devon


I had been following the Parelli Programme and had passed all my Level 4 auditions apart from Liberty. I was finding flying changes elusive. I asked Rebecca for help. After our first session Rebecca explained what she saw in terms of my relationship with my horse and how we communicated and responded to each other. We discussed biomechanics and suppleness and set up exercises that would help Sam and I improve. I enjoyed fortnightly sessions with Rebecca throughout 2017 and amongst many things we achieved our flying changes. I also deepened my mental connection with my horse and gained a greater understanding and insight in how to progress my horsemanship both on the ground and ridden. Rebecca is an incredibly gifted and perceptive teacher who can see so much and is then able to explain really well the why's and the how's in a way that makes both human and horse very happy.


Gail Oxnard - Devon


I was just watching your course in Denmark - and amazed, that you confirmed my feeling, that horses can read your thoughts even long distance


Brita Poulsen - Denmark


I really love that you can help me with everything with my horses, freestyle, liberty, online and finesse. I love that you see the hole horse and know what they are ready for and not and you help me do everything in the right order. It also feels good that I know that you put my horse’s wellbeing before my education so if I ask for something my horses aren’t ready for I know you will tell me that. Since one of my horses got injured you helped me a lot with the rehabilitation in a way I didn’t think possible, and helped me understand what her body was ready for. I am so grateful for everything you have taught me


Sophie Hall - Sweden


You have helped me and Tindur in so many ways. We had a really big bump on the road after I got my child and Tindur got an injury that changed his behaviour. But you kept me believing on both me and Tindur and now we are back to our strong relationship. I might not show you, but I am so so grateful for all the things you do for us. You are an incredible person.


Josefin Gilberg - Sweden


Rebecca helped me when I brought an ex race horse who came with so many horror stories and even a horrible stable name within a few months she had us happy with each other and after changing my mates stable name she was a lot happier! In just six months we have grown as a partnership thanks to Rebecca we have as our downs especially with Tilly learning to trust me as her rider, after a few falls we have learnt to become one and tackle objects together and thanks to all the basics being instilled in me and Tilly we are now registered ROR.  


Megan Cockwill - Devon


Rebecca taught my horse to load himself, for the first six years of his life, he didn't go anywhere as he wouldn't travel and I did try EVERYTHING. Had so called "experts" in, nothing helped. Rebecca's patience was incredible. He's a big lad and she isn't! I was initially worried that she would get hurt as he will use his shoulder as a weapon and go through people. I needn't have worried; Rebecca was one step ahead of him all the way. Rebecca Harris for president!!!!


Julie James - Devon


Rebecca Harris is the most outstanding horse trainer i ever had during the last 20 years I have had Icelandic Horses. I am working on Freestyle L3 on my 3rd horse which I got as a young horse. Also being of age is an issue to me. I have gone through a vast number of trainers over the years but Rebecca has everything I need. Vast knowledge and experience with horses and people, loving attitude towards horse and human and patience with all shortcomings of my busy mind and worry. I love you Rebecca for who you are and what you do for my horse and me.


Lillian Weiss - Sweden


I have two horses that this remarkable young lady has helped me with and continues to do so. She backed my youngster with total patience and understanding put him and me at ease. My little lad she has helped me understand his personality and how to work with him with softness and confidence. I am so lucky to have found Rebecca and hope to enjoy a lot more sessions with her and the boys.


Elizabeth Coleing - Devon


Really wholeheartedly could not recommend Rebecca Harris and her business Balance Horsemanship enough - she is incredibly knowledgeable and gifted with horses and has helped me so much to develop both riding and relationship with the horses I work with. If you and your horse have any issues, whether in relationship, work, competition or any other area, Rebecca is sure to be able to help!


Caitlin Secker - Devon


Rebecca Harris has been a teacher to me and my horse for several years.

She is not only an excellent rider, she also has profound knowledge of how horses function, and the relationship human-horse. As a teacher she is open minded, can quickly identify problems and brings confidence to both horse and rider. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like a better understanding of and connection with their horse.


Eva Thornberg


Rebecca's ethos of balance within the body heart and soul of horses and humans has transformed the relationship I have with my horses. For 15 years she has both inspired and taught me to find the lightness, strength balance and joy that she possesses in abundance. She has taken me by the hand from someone who loved her horses in a naive way to someone confident in her abilities and secure in the relationship with her horses. This translates to bareback and bridleless jumping to having my horses nicker at me when they see me, to competing with both peace and joy!

Her honest heart loves to give and lessons with Rebecca build positivity as well as ability. I am honored to call Rebecca my friend as well as my teacher.


Rachel Kehoe


Rebecca Harris has not only helped my horse grow, but also myself as a horsewoman. I owe her for all the knowledge and love she has taught me since knowing her. I have watched her not just with my horse, but several others and can safely say that she is genuine and has the upmost respect and compassion for each horse she helps. Her horsemanship is second to none and I can guarantee that you will not regret having her as your teacher. I have owned my horse since a barely handled 2 year old and it is thanks to Rebecca that now, all people say to me, is how well mannered and good he is on the ground!! I am so proud of him and always say it is because of Rebecca's hard work. I cannot thank her enough. Especially when he is now 16.1hh as a 5 year old and is so easy to handle. Any problems I have, she's always on the end of the phone to help and nothing is ever too much. I owe her a great deal and she is very special to both me and my horse. We both love you from the bottoms of our hearts Rebecca we hope that others find joy in you as well as we do.

I went through an emotionally hard time and not only did Rebecca help me to get through the difficulty, but she also believed in me and that I could succeed when others did not. Without her, I would have never sat on my boy. It was her compassion and determination to help me, that allowed me to achieve this. I will always be grateful for that moment and will cherish it forever.


Katharine Whitney - Deovn


Rebecca is truly amazing with horses and humans. She has been a wonderful teacher to me and my horse. She has an understanding, patient and calm way with horses and people. I feel very lucky to have found her. Thanks Rebecca


Millie Coleing - Devon


Rebecca, is an amazing horse woman, a very special lady indeed. It has been a pleasure to know and learn from her. Her warmth, kindness spirituality shine through, a true blessing from the universe


Jovan Angel - Devon