Balance Horsemanship

Specialist Horse Development

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E-Book Communicating Through Feel


This is a short PDF book aimed to share the qualities and skills we can learn to have strong connection and relationships with our horses. It focuses on the interpersonal relationship skills and how finding our own inner balance can improve our communication. It then covers the attitude and understanding needed to apply theses ideas in relation to our horses.

Short extract from Communicating with Horses chapter:

“Communicating through feel with horses is about finding balance with and within them. Once we understand and value our own thoughts and feelings we can enter into a relationship where we are able to value their thoughts and feelings. The horses have a great capacity to feel, show and share emotions. The horse’s fundamental requirement as a prey animal is a need to feel safe. To feel safe he needs to be in balance. When a horse looses physical balance he will loose emotional balance. If a horse is out of balance then his ability to flee or fight could be compromised and this will hinder his survival. From the moment a horse is born he is looking to find balance to learn to stand, to walk, to run, to harmonise with his mother, to find his place in the herd and to be comfortable. When we interact with horses we often create imbalances in the horse’s life style or, when handling or riding we physically un-balance the horse. The difference between a poor horseman and an exceptional horseman is their ability to feel, create and restore balance within their interactions with a horse."